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Hand Sanitiser Gel, 75% Alcohol, 20 Litre Bottle Made in Australia


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100% Australian Made 

Suitable for check-ins, hospitality, offices, shops, airports, public transport and public areas.

20L refill bottle with gel for antibacterial protection on all surfaces. A waterless alcohol-based hand rub for rapid skin disinfection that is tough on germs but gentle on hands.


Size: 20 Litre
Bottle: Rated for Dangerous Goods transport & storage
Cap: Twist Cap and Includes a Tap
Consistency: Gel

Formulation: Developed by experts on creating perfume compositions, this beautiful formulation has a subtle lemon-lime smell with a silky smooth finish on your hands

Ingredients: Denatured Ethanol alcohol 75% v/v, Purified Water, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and our custom Lemon-Lime Scent

Use: Antiseptic hand rub when soap and water are not available.

Directions for use: Apply sufficient amount of product on hands to cover all surfaces. Rub hands together until dry.

We recommend that all hand sanitiser products with an alcohol content of 60% or more should not be used on painted, sealed or wooden surfaces. It is OK for bench tops, stainless, ceramic / porcelain tiles, vinyl, rubber, poly, glass, and plastic. Please be aware if you are using in a dispenser that has a value that may leak sanitiser on the floor, we suggest to protect the floor using some form of tray to catch any drips as these may stain the surface below.


Poison Information: 13 11 26
Keep out of reach of children
Keep away from heat or flame.
Keep out of eyes, ears our mouth
For external use only. Flammable.
Discontinue if skin irritation or rash occurs.