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Antibacterial Wipes Hard-hitting on Germs, Mild on Hands

To maintain your home or workplace clean and dry, our antibacterial wipes are the best options for ensuring hygiene. These pre-moistened sheets crafted from Spunlace non-woven fabric are also known as antiseptic wipes. They include an antibacterial chemical that allows for fast and simple surface disinfection.

Antibacterial wipes are a convenient one-step method for disinfecting surfaces and skin. You just need to take a wipe from the container to wipe the surface. Our wipes contain disinfectant chemicals that have been approved by the TGA. The solution removes and kills 99.9% of bacteria in areas where the wipes are applied. Our wipes are reliable and clean for sanitizing palms and non-porous surfaces. . They are also an excellent way to supplement the cleaning regiment and maintaining areas free of germs and other disease-causing microorganisms.


With antiseptic wipes becoming more common they help to enhance standard hygiene precautions at your workplace, home or when you are traveling outside.

  • Surfaces are effectively disinfected.
    • The biggest advantage of antibacterial wipes is that they effectively clean objects. Antiseptic wipes are very useful for cleaning kitchen surfaces, work desks, hand railing in fact any surface your hands may some in to contact with.
  • Extremely Efficient in Killing Bacteria
    • Antiseptic wipes are very good at destroying bacteria, with a high alcohol concentration level ensures enhanced disinfection efficacy with a sterilization rate of 99.9%.
  • Environment – Friendly
    • The biodegradability of sanitizing wipes has lately been proposed as a benefit of antibacterial wipes. As they are constructed of biodegradable ingredients, disinfectant surface wipes are also ecological friendly than prior versions.
  • Simple and Quick to Use
    •   Another benefit of utilizing antiseptic hand wipes is that they are convenient to use. Surface disinfecting wipes can ensure anyone gets the work done faster, whether you’re sanitizing workspaces or wiping residential surfaces. They are also very convenient to carry around your daily life.
  • Suitable for a Variety of Environments
    •  Antibacterial wipes can be used in multiple environments. So, whether you work in the medical/healthcare industry, an office, or a factory, antibacterial wipes are appropriate for use in emergency cleaning situations to maintain workplace hygiene requirements.

Purchase in bulk Antibacterial Wipes.

Antiseptic wipes are a fast and easy method to eliminate dirt while killing bacteria that might be harmful to your health. Shop our wipes bulk packages to ensure you have these essentials on hand.

Our antibacterial wipes can be used to disinfect any non-porous surfaces and hands. Keeping wiping on available in high-traffic locations like as door handles, buttons, toilets, office spaces, and reception areas to keep both staff and customers clean. These wipes are a quick and easy method to keep palms microbe and prevent the spread of infectious agents such as germs and viruses.

Purchase a large number of our antiseptic wipes in bulk packages to benefit from our discount prices and ensure that the employees have sanitizing wipes on hand to disinfect surfaces in the workplace. Using our single-use wipes to clean surfaces and dispose of them during use to avoid physical movement or transfer of harmful bacteria from one person, object, or place to another. You and your colleagues would have peace of mind ensuring that you have a reliable method for successfully preventing cross-contamination.