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Alcohol Spray: Hospital Grade 80% sanitizer


Alcohol Spray:

With the latest needs for hand sanitizer and cleansers, there are many of us looking for new tools that we can use to better sanitize our hands and the items that we use everyday. One of the best new products on the market is an alcohol spray that you can use in the place of hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer in an alcohol spray, is an isopropyl alcohol spray which is an extremely useful way that you can quickly sanitize your hands, objects surfaces and more. A hand sanitizer spray puts a much finer mist along items and it can provide you with a greater ease of use when compared to the portable liquid hand sanitizers that are commonly used today.

What is isopropyl alcohol spray?

Isopropyl alcohol spray is a hand sanitizer that has been approved for use by the FDA and for use in Australia as well. Most wet wipe products contain 75% isopropyl alcohol for its antibacterial and cleaning properties. As a hand sanitizer alcohol spray, the ingredients will be misted along surfaces including hands and provide a barrier of mist that eliminates germs and bacteria at the site. Rather than having a hand that is soaked with moisture or a sticky feeling after using hand sanitizer, these sprays provide a fast method for quickly sanitising hands without all the residue.

Isopropyl alcohol spray is also extremely useful for many types of cleaners. Many antibacterial sprays will come with isopropyl alcohol to remove the presence of germs and bacteria in a fine mist that will not affect surfaces.

Alcohol spray dries on surfaces quickly while also removing germs making this the perfect choice for a portable and highly versatile cleaner. If you are seeking the best line of defence against germs and you want an easy isopropyl alcohol spray in Australia, contact us for the best in wholesale pricing on these sanitizer products and more.