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The Finest Australian Manufactured Hand Sanitising Alcohol Gel to Cleanse Your Hands in a Hurry

Many infections are transmitted as a result of inadequate sanitation and bad hand hygiene practices. It has caused people to consider how they should defend themselves and everybody around them. Washing hands is critical to preventing more outbreaks and hand wash & as well as other necessary hygiene and personal care items, are in high demand.

As a result, Wholesale Hand Sanitiser Australia has introduced a brand-new Hand Sanitiser Gel to better protect us all and reduce the virus’s chance. This product line hand sanitiser alcohol gel contains 75% alcohol and destroys 99.9% of germs fast.

Unlike most other hand sanitisers that dry out the skin, Wholesale Hand Sanitiser Gel includes Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to help keep your hands feeling gentle and smooth. The Alcohol-based sanitiser gel comes in a variety of pack sizes, including a 60ml travel version ideal for on-the-go safety, as well as a 500ml pump, 1 litre 5 litre, and 20 litres refills packs to be used at home. It offers the same amount of protection, and the best approach to maximize its effects is to apply it completely all over your hands, paying special attention to the area between your fingers. Perfect for retail staff, events, childcare, commercial sites, workplaces, or around your home.


  • The alcohol concentration is 75%
  • Benefits of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
  • Kill 99.99% of germs fast
  • Easy to use with antibacterial protection
  • lemon-lime smell 


  • Cleanliness
  • Portability
  • Suitable for Group Usage
  • Reduce the likelihood of illness
  • Hands That Feel Softer


Purchasing hand sanitiser gel in low quantities is tedious, frustrating, and completely unnecessary when 75% alcohol-based hand sanitisers can be purchased in bulk. By purchasing hand sanitiser gel refill supplies in bulk, you can ensure that your hygiene and health are taken care all times.

Well, there is a way out for you. We have got you covered with the most competitive made-to-order rates and service in Australia. Most of all, bulk buying saves you a lot. If you want to utilize bulk hand sanitiser, especially from Wholesale Hand Sanitiser, you have a variety of alternatives to consider. When shopping, you can base your decision on the location where the bulk sanitiser is required. Numerous varieties would fit into the stock that is suitable for you, whether it is your home, business, school, or just a public location.


Proper hand hygiene is an important infection prevention strategy since it may significantly reduce the risk of microbe transmission, either directly or indirectly. However, there are other conditions in which handwashing is less successful, such as when the hands are unclean or soiled and cannot hide specific infections. Wholesale Hand Sanitiser Gel destroys 99.9% of germs quickly and without the need for water. Use it whenever and wherever you want: in the vehicle, workplace, purse, picnics, diaper changes, travel, sports, and so on. It refreshes your hands. Use as frequently as necessary.